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September 1, 2023

Original ideas for an autum wedding

Autumn is a magical season to celebrate a wedding. And in Alabardero Catering & Experiences we want to make yours just as you dreamed, taking advantage of this beautiful season. Do you want to discover ideas that will make your event a unique day? Here are some original ideas to celebrate a wedding in autumn.

Warm fall colors and cozy textures provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic and unforgettable event. Here are some ideas to consider when planning your fall wedding.

1. Lighting

This part plays a key role in creating a magical atmosphere at your fall wedding. From spectacular garlands of lights that weave through the trees, to strategically placed floor lamps and luminous centerpieces, these are ideas that will elevate your event to another level. Remember that warm, soft lights contribute to the cozy, romantic feel that is characteristic of the season.

2. Table decoration

Centerpieces are an essential part of any wedding decor. In autumn, you can opt for centerpieces that include seasonal fruits such as pumpkins, nuts and apples, along with flowers that reflect the fall colors. Table linens are also a must-have accessory when choosing the perfect decor for your wedding. You can choose tablecloths in earth tones to complement the color palette. This is one of the most original ideas to give personality to your fall wedding.

3. Colors

This season is characterized by its warm and rich colors, combined with the most typical materials of the season, for example, wood, an essential element that represents something solid, warm and durable. Combining wood with candles and autumn flowers will create a really cozy decoration. Napkins in beige and earth tones complement this color palette and will add a cozy and elegant touch to the table.

4. Plan B

Fall weather can be unpredictable, so it is important to have a contingency plan in case of rain. Putting up stretch or see-through tents is the perfect plan B. These tents allow natural light to continue to illuminate the space and protect guests from any inclement weather. In addition, you can decorate the tents with garlands of lights and flowers to maintain the magical atmosphere even if the celebration is moved indoors.

5. Autumn menus

Gastronomy plays a fundamental role in a wedding. Take advantage of seasonal products to design a menu with autumnal touches. Offer comforting options such as soups and creams, as well as desserts with apples as the main ingredient.

At Alabardero Catering & Experiences we create the perfect menu to match your fall wedding while adapting the dishes according to your tastes and specifications. With this last one, and the previous original ideas for an autumn wedding, we hope they will help you to celebrate a perfect wedding.

Discover one of our favorite fall weddings.

In October 2022, we enjoyed with Andrea and Alejandro their romantic autumn wedding, where nature and flowers were the main protagonists.
The setting chosen for this unforgettable union was our space in Jardines de San Telmo, where we took advantage of its beautiful gardens with the warm colors of autumn and an environment surrounded by leaves and flowers, even on the roof of the interior areas, creating a magical and cozy atmosphere.
Do you want to know our trick? Having as a starting point the colors of the floral bouquet and the details of the invitation we can create a common thread in the overall decoration of the celebration, as was the case of this beautiful wedding.
If you want to make the most of your autumn wedding, Alabardero Catering will make your dream come true.

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