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June 3, 2024

Wedding music: Five important moments where music is essential

Discover the importance of wedding music. At Alabardero Catering & Experiences, we understand what goes into organizing a wedding. Having everything ready for the big day includes fundamental elements ranging from catering, decoration, makeup, and hairstyling to selecting the music that will play at each key moment. Remember that the music you choose for your wedding will create the atmosphere you want for this very important day. But what should we keep in mind? We’ll tell you!

Style and Preferences of the Couple

When one of the most important days of our lives arrives, it’s inevitable to wish for the soundtrack that accompanies us daily to play throughout. And that is exactly the important role that the choice of wedding music plays. At Alabardero Catering & Experiences, we collaborate with Marquee Audiovisuales, experts in shaping that ideal setting that will make your wedding day absolutely perfect. Besides the couple’s style and preferences, you need to know the five most important moments of the event. Will you join us on this journey? Let’s go!

Top five moments in wedding music

Music for the Bride’s Entrance

Depending on the type of ceremony the couple chooses, the venue may be a church or our space. In the latter case, the options are endless since the scene changes and allows us to play more with the couple’s musical tastes. Our colleagues at Marquee Audiovisuales, specialists in wedding music and all kinds of events, tell us it’s a sure hit to choose songs that unite and represent the couple. Most couples have their song because it reminds them of special moments. However, as Aitor comments, “it is always recommended to choose calm and emotional songs since it’s the first moment on the way to the altar.”

Wedding music: the departure of the bride and groom

As we mentioned earlier, once the couple is married, the music begins to play to mark their exit. In a traditional Catholic wedding, the accompanying music will be classical, as the moment calls for it.

However, if it’s a wedding organized in a private space, the couple’s exit can be marked by live music or, if not available, by choosing a song significant to them. Our colleagues at Marquee Audiovisuales tell us that although they are always open to suggesting music that suits the couple’s styles, couples usually have a clear idea of the song for this moment since they’ve been dreaming and visualizing it for years with all the guests around them. These songs are usually fun and accompanied by lyrics that represent them.

Arrival of the Couple at the Reception Venue

One of the most anticipated and exciting moments of any wedding is the couple’s arrival at the reception venue. This moment marks the beginning of the wedding banquet and the subsequent party. It’s the perfect opportunity to make a spectacular entrance that reflects the newlyweds’ personality!

The choice of music for this occasion should be carefully selected. Here are several recommendations that might help:

  • Choose cheerful or festive songs: One of the most popular songs at weddings is “Sarà perché ti amo” by DJ Matrix. This cheerful and dynamic song can spread good vibes among guests, creating the perfect atmosphere for a grand entrance.
  • Timeless classics: Classical or instrumental music for the more romantic can be the best option to make their entrance symbolic and different.
  • Personalized songs: This option is perhaps the most used by couples, and for good reason. Choosing a song with special meaning in their relationship adds a very personal touch to their entrance.

Wedding music at the bride and groom’s first dance

The first dance of the newlyweds is undoubtedly one of the most intimate and special moments of the wedding, as it’s the first time they dance as a married couple. Therefore, the music for this dance should be a song that represents their love and story.

Choosing the perfect song can be challenging, but at Alabardero Catering & Experiences, we’d like to offer some advice:

  • Choose a classic known by everyone: Songs like “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra or “At Last” by Etta James are never disappointing.
  • Choose a sure bet: Using romantic songs like “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran or “All of Me” by John Legend will steal the hearts of all guests during the dance.
  • Choose a song that represents you: As a couple, it’s likely that you both have a song that has marked your relationship or is special. It doesn’t matter if guests know it or not; this moment is unique for the couple, and that’s all that truly matters.

Our collaborators at Marquee Audiovisuales emphasize the importance of choosing a song that both enjoy and feel comfortable dancing to. Since there is usually a meeting before the wedding day, Aitor always insists on the importance of choosing it in advance to ensure everything is under control that day.

The Wedding Playlist

A wedding playlist is crucial for maintaining the right atmosphere and energy throughout the celebration. A good music selection ensures that all guests, regardless of age, enjoy and participate on the dance floor.

From Alabardero Catering & Experiences, here are several tips for creating a great playlist:

  • Variety of genres: Including a mix of musical genres ranging from pop and rock to dance classics or Latin music will ensure everyone enjoys the dance floor.
  • Songs from different eras: Integrating hits from different decades can appeal to all generations present, allowing them to share a few hours where enjoyment and having a good time are all that matters.
  • Special moments: Plan specific songs for moments like the cake cutting, bouquet toss, or parent dances.

Marquee Audiovisuales, with their extensive experience in events, suggest creating a collaborative playlist where the couple and guests can suggest songs before the big day. This not only personalizes the experience but also ensures that the music suits everyone’s taste.

It’s not just us saying this: music at a wedding plays a crucial role in creating the perfect atmosphere and celebrating the most important moments of the big day. From the bride’s entrance to the wedding playlist, each choice should reflect the couple’s style and preferences, ensuring every moment is unforgettable. At Alabardero Catering & Experiences, together with our collaborators at Marquee Audiovisuales, we are committed to helping you select the ideal music to make your wedding unique and special.

To keep up to date with the latest music trends, you can follow Marquee Audiovisuales here: marquee.es or @marqueeeaudiovisuales

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