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November 1, 2023

10 advantages of getting married in winter

Winter weddings are a trend that has more and more followers, as they offer many advantages and possibilities for the bride and groom. And the fact is that love has no date or season. That’s why at Alabardero Catering & Experiences we are experts in making the winter wedding you’ve always wanted a reality.

Winter has a special charm, with light, colors and landscapes that make a wedding wonderful. By choosing a less requested date, you can have more options and surprise your guests with an original and different wedding. Here are 10 advantages of getting married in winter.

1. Greater availability of dates and venues.

Since it is a “low season”, having less demand makes it easier to find the day and place that you like the most for your wedding.

2. Accommodation for your guests if they come from abroad.

Unless your city is very visited in winter, finding accommodation will be easier than at other times and guests coming from abroad will have better options for their stay.

3. Winter accessories for brides.

Yes, winter brides are lucky to be able to wear warmer looks during the celebration, as it is very common to choose to add a coat to match the dress or other complements such as hoods, gloves, etc.

4. Gastronomy.

In Alabardero Catering & Experiences we have a wide selection of gastronomic proposals for your winter weddings. At this time of the year we always like more typical proposals, such as broths, creams, meats… offering different options depending on your tastes. You can also serve hot drinks, such as herbal teas, coffee or liqueurs. And an idea that always triumphs is to offer chocolate with churros for dinners.

5. Magical atmospheres.

As it is winter, weddings are held during the day and you can enjoy the two environments of the property where they are held: first,arrival of the guests and the cocktail during the day and then enjoy a sunset and the magical lights of the illuminated space.

6. Original and warm decoration.

Winter offers many possibilities to create a unique and magical atmosphere for your wedding. You can opt for typical elements of this season, such as colorful flowers or cotton. One of our favorite tips to decorate the space is to opt for green tones fused with golden bows. You can also add elements that give warmth to the space, such as blankets for the guests.

7. Christmas inspiration:

Getting married in winter allows you to create an authentic Christmas wedding, with a menu according to these holidays and a decoration that will envelop your guests in this special celebration. You can use Christmas elements such as baubles, stars, candles, garlands and poinsettias to decorate the tables or the altar, as well as table linens in red and green tones.

8. Special honeymoon:

Winter gives you the opportunity to live an unforgettable honeymoon, with very romantic plans. For example, you can take the opportunity to practice winter sports, relax in a spa, visit Christmas markets … In addition, at this time there are paradisiacal destinations where it is the perfect time to enjoy the good weather.

9. Originality.

Already by choosing the winter season you show that you are a very creative and original couple. And for this reason, we advise you to enhance it with a wedding that reflects your personality and your tastes, surprising your guests with unique and special details. We are already used to customize your events with the ideas you always dreamed of. Can you tell us about yours?

10. Christmas spaces.

In Alabardero Catering & Experiences we have exclusive spaces that in winter are transformed into cozy places, with soft lights and winter decorations that create an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

If you want to know them and be surprised with everything we can create for your winter wedding, do not hesitate and come to consult us, we are waiting for you!



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