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March 1, 2024

7 Decoration Trends this Spring 2024

One of the most exciting parts for couples when organizing their wedding day is choosing the decoration. And it’s no wonder! Making each space come to life and reflect their personality will make the wedding day memorable. With the arrival of spring, you can’t miss the decoration trends that will set a new standard for celebrations in 2024. Shall we discover them together?

1. Wild Altars


The altar where the most important day of your life will be officiated plays a fundamental role as it’s where the magic starts and where you’ll say ‘I do’. For religious weddings, the altar might follow certain rules, but for civil weddings, it’s a great opportunity to add a special touch.


Taking advantage of spring allows us to create a wild altar where the flowers of the season set the colors and scents of this special day, which will remain etched in the memories of all guests, especially the couple. And it’s not just us saying this; our stylist and space decorator Isabel from Princesa Pirata believes that when celebrating a wedding, we must create a ‘global experience,’ and it’s essential to ‘bring nature closer to the various spaces of the event.’


2. An Unforgettable Seating Plan


The arrival of guests at the celebration venue requires special attention to the wedding’s seating plan since all eyes will turn to this meeting point.


At this spot, guests look for where they should sit at the banquet, so we must attend to every detail. With spring, the seating plan can take on a more romantic look by creating an arch filled with flowers, blending greens with the couple’s favorite flowers. Recycled and handcrafted elements can also be used to make it even more unforgettable.


3. Floral Arches


Is your wedding religious and you want your exit to be even more special? One of the most anticipated moments in a church wedding is the couple’s exit from the temple. A major trend in 2024 decorative elements is incorporating a floral arch at the church exit. This way, the scene during the “rice throwing” moment becomes even more endearing. Couples usually choose the floral varieties for this arch, though the general trend is to select tones related to white and green. Remember: less is always more.


4. Sweet Table


No party is complete without a good Candy Bar, as our dear Isabel from Princesa Pirata tells us. In 2024, the trend of having a table with sweets in containers can offer a delightful visual experience filled with flowers and decorative elements. In these corners, carefully chosen table linens (patterned or plain) will attract the attention of all guests. Additionally, considering the flowers chosen for the wedding, floral decorations can be included in the Candy Bar, giving coherence to all the elements that make this wedding so special.


5. Curtain of Lights


“Light will always be present at all moments of the celebration and is essential for creating different atmospheres,” we couldn’t agree more with Isabel! Weddings held in the afternoon have a particular characteristic different from morning weddings: the couple will invest more in special lighting for the evening. Curtains of lights or the use of warm, cozy candles and candelabras, both in glass and wood, can create a completely magical scene. Close your eyes and think about it: you’ll have a movie-like wedding!


6. Centerpieces


When it comes time for the wedding banquet, certain details will make all the difference. Here we find elements that will capture our attention, such as ‘centerpieces.’ Isabel tells us that centerpieces often are true artistic creations capable of telling a story. From her experience, she has created centerpieces on metal structures at different heights, creating volumes or even sculptures like head vases or Medici cups with flowers. Depending on the season, including elements like fruits and vegetables can make the wedding more sustainable.


7. Vintage Furniture


The use of vintage furniture is a trend that’s here to stay. Why? It adds a romantic and more special touch to the wedding celebration spaces. This type of decoration is a favorite among the most sustainable wedding planners, as there are many options available to make each corner a special place for memories. Additionally, using vintage furniture helps give a second life to items we no longer consider useful, and their history or journey can add a distinguishing touch.



After learning about the seven decoration trends that will define 2024… which is your favorite? In wedding planning, the most important thing is not to strictly follow any trend. For us, the most important thing is fulfilling the couple’s wishes and making that day as special as possible. That’s why at Alabardero Catering & Experiences, we collaborate with Princesa Pirata, who brings all these ideas to life to ensure the wedding day has a magical and unforgettable atmosphere.


If you want to check out more trends and everything that awaits us this year, you can follow Isabel here: Princesapirata.com or on @princesapirata

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