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May 1, 2023

How to set up your themed event

When you want to create an unforgettable moment, you have to commit to a differentiating, original element that sets you apart from the ordinary and the conventional. Giving your event a theme on which to develop its storytelling will not only make it different, but it will also ensure that it remains in the memory of the attendees for a long time.

So don’t miss out on anything, because here we tell you how to set up your themed event.

What should we take into account if we want to celebrate a themed event?

At Alabardero Catering we are experts in creating unique events, that’s why we have a lot of knowledge on the subject, and we will show you step by step how to set up your themed event.

  1. First of all, think about what message you want to convey, what you want to focus your event on. Is it a corporate event about the environment? You can choose a theme based around the sea, nature, etc. Is it a wedding where the bride and groom are film lovers? Perhaps focus the theme on films or a specific film genre.
  2. Once you have chosen the theme, the setting must be fundamental to attract your guests and envelop them in that special atmosphere that will give them a different experience. To do this, the décor is essential, as well as everything you use to recreate that perfect setting: lights, signage, details on the tables, etc.
  3. Make your audience part of a story that comes true. In order for the theme to stick, it is sometimes necessary to involve the guests. For example, an event themed in the 1920s will require a special dress code so that the guests come dressed in the most typical 1920s attire and do not clash with the carefully prepared setting of the party.
  4. And, of course, make sure that the food is in keeping with the chosen theme. Depending on the degree of creativity you need for your event, the food should be carefully chosen to follow the storytelling.


Décor at themed events

To know how to set up your themed event, it is essential to know the type of celebration in order to choose the right decorative elements. For example, at a wedding, it is essential to have a décor that will be used for the ceremony and then for the meal. You must choose the main colour scheme and leave the essence of that scheme implicit in the most decorative elements of the event, for example, in the flowers, the lights, the table decorations and other special corners such as the gift area, the seating plan, etc.

If it is another type of event, for example, a birthday party, you must take into account the décor that will be used during the celebration and the guests who will attend. If, for example, it is a birthday with a specific Disney film theme, you can use decorative dolls for the tables, colourful balloons in the shades of the film, a photocall of one of its scenes, tables and dishes in keeping with the style, etc.


Themed menus for events

The catering at a celebration is one of the fundamental parts that you must take into account. And if the event has a specific theme, making the food go with it is an extra point that will make the difference. Did you know that smell and taste are two senses closely related to memory?

To learn more about how to set up your themed event, let us show you one of our latest corporate events, which had its theme focused on Cuba. For this, our kitchen team prepared authentic Cuban food, with its own flavours and recipes, to make the attendees feel like they were in Havana itself.


¿Do you want to know more about one of our best themed events?

Here we tell you all about our event with a Cuban theme.

To create the atmosphere for the event, the décor was fundamental and for this we set up a Havana car and an antique bicycle as special corners for photography, as well as a stand with props for the guests.

Actors were on hand to interact with the guests, as well as music with a Cuban atmosphere. During the cocktail hour we had a Cuban cocktail corner and dishes where the main ingredients were closely related to Cuban and Latin American gastronomy, such as yucca and fried plantain.

A mojito master class was also held to add a fun and entertaining touch to the event and to further introduce the guests to Cuban culture.

A menu specially designed for the event was served, combining typical Cuban and Latin dishes (‘ropa vieja’ (slow-cooked beef), ‘churrasco de pollo’ (flame-grilled chicken), etc.) with those typical of Spanish cuisine (pork cheeks, Russian salad with tuna belly, etc.).

After dinner, during the open bar, the evening was enlivened with a batucada dance performance and a saxophone performance with sparklers. No stone was left unturned, so that the guests could enjoy an authentic Cuban dinner without leaving our estate.

Do you also want to celebrate a themed event as impressive as this one? At Alabardero Catering, we can make all your ideas a reality. Come and tell us about them.

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