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October 1, 2023

8 trends for weddings and events in 2023

Looking for inspiration for your next event? In Alabardero Catering & Experiences we tell you the 8 trends for weddings and events in 2023. The ideas that are the most popular this year and that will continue in early 2024. Take note.

There’s still plenty of year ahead to celebrate! In addition, the weddings and events of 2024 are also just around the corner. At Alabardero Catering & Experiences we bring you up to date with 8 trends for weddings and events in 2023 so you can surprise your guests and create a cozy and original atmosphere.

1. Nature as inspiration

Natural elements such as flowers, plants, fruits or stones are perfect to decorate your space and give it a fresh and romantic touch. You can opt for a palette of soft and harmonious colors that evoke the beauty of nature, with the help of fresh flowers and natural light. You can also incorporate details such as candles, garlands or lanterns that create a warm and cozy lighting.

2. Sustainability in your event

More and more couples are concerned about the environmental impact of their wedding, and are looking for ways to reduce it as much as possible. Some options are to choose local and eco-friendly suppliers, use recycled or biodegradable materials, avoid unnecessary plastic and paper, or donate any leftovers to a charitable cause. This way, you will not only be taking care of the planet, but also transmitting a positive and responsible message to your guests.

3. Open bars and snack bars with a very festival style

One of the most fun and original trends for your wedding or event is the festival style, where we can find a more informal and casual atmosphere. You can customize your event as you like, offering an open bar with drinks and a snack with sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, ice cream … as well as activities also more typical of festivals such as makeup corner with glitter, costumes, etc.. Undoubtedly, this idea is one of the 8 most successful trends for weddings and events in 2023.

4. Hire a foodstruck

Another way to surprise your guests with food is to hire a foodstruck, to give a different and casual touch to your event. There are all kinds: from the most classic ones such as hot dogs, hamburgers or fries, to the most exotic ones such as sushi, Indian or Mexican food.

5. Menu with a fusion of flavors

If you want to surprise your guests with an innovative and delicious gastronomic proposal, you can choose to combine dishes and ingredients to create a totally personalized and attractive menu, for example, combining a Mexican dish with a dessert of Moroccan gastronomy.

6. The long cocktail to finish with a dish on the table

Menus that allow your guests to socialize as much as possible, in a relaxed and informal way, where they can enjoy different appetizers and drinks while chatting and having fun, are in. Afterwards, you can move on to a main course served at the table, where they can sit down to eat quietly and share their impressions.

7. Linen and wood as fashionable materials

This year and next, linen and wood are the main materials to give an elegant and natural touch to your event. Linen is a fresh, light and versatile fabric that you can use both for the wedding dress and for the table linen or curtains. Wood is a warm, resistant and noble material for furniture, which combines perfectly with almost everything and can be found in various shades.

8. Winter weddings with a different touch

If you get married in winter, you don’t have to give up the magic and charm of your wedding. You can take advantage of the benefits of this season, such as snowy landscapes, Christmas lights, the fire in the fireplace or hot chocolate. You can also give a different touch to your wedding with elements such as blankets and stoves. The months of December, January and February, besides allowing you to have more dates available, can give an original and romantic touch to your wedding.
Want to find out more about how to make that day special? At Alabardero Catering & Experiences we will be happy to help you.

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