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May 1, 2024

Themed Events: turn your celebration into a unique experience.

When we talk about themed events, we open a range of infinite possibilities since, whether it is a wedding, corporate event or other type of celebration, fun and originality must be guaranteed in the choice of the theme. Also, depending on the type of event, the choice of this will be more focused on personal tastes or more general tastes. Today, Alabardero Catering & Experiences will talk about five key tips to make your celebration a unique experience.

The message as a starting point

The theme of your event should stem from the message you want to convey. If it is a corporate event, you should be inspired by the key elements of your product, service or brand to develop a coherent theme that can be applied to all aspects of the event, from decoration to entertainment.

If it is a wedding, as we said at the beginning, this will be more personal and subjective. You should ask yourself what are the tastes in common with your partner and if there is something that represents you so that this idea materializes, the guests understand it and above all, that they can be part of it. For example, if the bride and groom have been lifelong fans of a mythical series or a movie saga, or if they met during a trip to an island for example, you could have a themed wedding focused on one of these two themes. A themed wedding, besides being more fun for the guests, makes it even more special if possible.


The importance of decoration

The visual setting at a themed event is essential to create the right atmosphere. Use the décor and layout of the venue to immerse your guests in the chosen theme. Every detail of the decorative elements-from centerpieces to photocalls to ….-should reinforce the theme to create a complete experience.

When it is a corporate event, such as a company event where you are looking to strengthen relationships between employees, a theme party can be a fun gathering where attendees can forget about their role and be themselves for a number of hours, while enjoying a totally different experience organized by your company.

If we are talking about a wedding, the decoration and everything that will surround the atmosphere will be key to make the guests feel part of a whole. As in the previous example, when it comes to a celebration inspired by a mythical series, probably, family and friends share similar tastes with the bride and groom, which makes the choice of making a themed wedding can be a totally differentiating point. Everyone will remember your wedding day as something unique!


Animations related to the theme

When you decide to hold a themed event, you will not only have to consider the decorations to immerse the guests in the main idea, you will also have to include activities and entertainment that are in tune with the theme of the event. From artistic performances to interactive games, be sure to offer experiences that complement and enrich this event.

Taking as an example the themed event of series or movies, a way to include animations related to this theme, can be including a photocall where there are costumes so that guests can immortalize this moment. Also, on the part of the bride and groom, they can make gifts inspired by these series or movies, making the guest take with them a souvenir forever.


Active participation of the attendees.

Making the event’s attendees part of the event’s history will be key to ensure its success. In this case, we propose several ideas, depending on the type of event you organize, that will make the guest participate actively while having a great time:

If it is a themed wedding:

  • Encourage guests to dress according to the wedding theme. For example, if the theme is vintage, they could wear period costumes or retro accessories. To do this, you can let the guests know the theme of the wedding on the invitation itself. This way, on the day of the celebration, everything will have coherence and sense.
  • Organize interactive activities where guests have to perform actions. For example, if your wedding theme is about traveling, you can set up a map where guests have to mark their place of origin or write messages on postcards that can then be dropped in a mailbox.
  • Give guests themed favors that they can use or enjoy during the wedding and then take home as souvenirs. For example, for a travel wedding like the previous example, you could give travel-themed attire such as hats, sunscreen, sunglasses…

If it is a company event:

  • Organize challenges or games related to the theme of the event. For example, if the theme is about innovation, you could organize a brainstorming contest where teams present creative solutions to specific company problems.
  • Create interactive activity stations related to the theme where attendees can participate and learn. For example, if the theme is related to sustainability, you could have a recycling station where participants can make crafts with recycled materials.
  • Organize networking activities that incorporate the theme of the event. For example, if the theme is focused on travel, you could assign themed tables based on popular destinations and encourage attendees to share their own experiences so they can get to know each other better.


Food as a meeting point

This will be one of our strong points: the importance of catering as the main theme of the themed event. The selection of food and beverages has to be related to the theme of the event. Depending on the idea we start from, our catering can create a fully customized menu that goes in relation to what is requested, we adapt to customization from medieval themed weddings to corporate events that make you make a difference.

What do you think about these five tips for the celebration of a themed event? At Alabardero Catering & Experiences, we understand that every celebration is unique and special. For this reason, as experts in creating different experiences, we are always committed to offering personalized services that clearly reflect the needs and desires of our clients. From themed weddings full of romance to corporate events that make a difference.

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