Catering in Malaga and Marbella

Services for weddings, congresses and events


Alabardero Catering is more than just a catering in Málaga and Marbella: it’s other catering concept for events, it’s another way of relating with your guests. Where a catering in Malaga or a catering in Marbella has a bar and waiters, Alabardero Catering transmutes that to go further; a catering for events that seeks excellence, yes, but also seeks to turn the idea of ​​an event into something physical, merging the catering and gastronomy into something more: a unique experience.

The factor of experience

Sometimes experience is a degree. And Alabardero Catering overcomes the experience to turn it into a veteran, in a sixth sense that interacts with each catering proposal in Malaga, in Marbella, in the whole Costa del Sol and much further. Because there is no small event or big event: there is work, tenacity and a lot of instinct attached to that experience between stoves and for the ingredients.

More than kitchens: design

Halal certificate, Kosher certificate, menus for vegetarians / vegans, unique recipes, and our own creations laboratory. Many caterings for events pride themselves on having a personalized service. Alabardero Catering offers personalized gastronomy experiences participating in the event, not getting ahead of itself.

Another concept for your events

We do not seek to simply do events. We want to create something more, going beyond the personalized and that through our catering for events and our capacity for organization or our integration, we will be able to live a totally adapted, unique experience, like every bright or dawn: we do not do two equal, we cannot make two equal. Your event is unique, and that is our commitment.